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Jerry's Pianos

CineSamples Jerry’s Pianos (KONTAKT)

With Jerry’s Pianos CineSamples captured two pianos playing tutti/unison at the Sony Scoring Stage. The pianos were placed in deep orchestral position on the violin side slightly wider than the French Horn section.

Concentrating on the lower range, they sampled sustains and staccatos on the two house grand pianos to enrich your mock-ups and add unique character and detail to low-end passages. Kontakt Full v5.3.1 or higher required (The free Kontakt Player is not supported).

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You can never really have enough natural sounding pianos in your collection. Composing with an acoustic piano will let you focus on the notes and chords, rather than spending time on sound design to cover up bad melody. If it sounds good on piano, it sounds good with your synth presets…