Classic Hip Hop Drum Breaks

Classic hip hop drum breaks are drum patterns and loops that were frequently used as the foundation of many hip hop tracks in the 1980s and early 1990s. These drum breaks were often sampled from funk and soul songs of the 1970s and were used to create the beats for hip hop tracks. Some of the most famous classic hip hop drum breaks include “Amen, Brother” by The Winstons, “Funky Drummer” by James Brown, and “Impeach the President” by The Honey Drippers. These drum breaks have been used in countless hip hop tracks and are considered to be the backbone of the genre.

The use of classic hip hop drum breaks allowed producers to create beats that were both new and familiar, as they often contained elements of the original songs they were taken from. The process of sampling these drum breaks involved taking a short section of a song, usually a drum solo or break, and looping it to create the foundation of a new hip hop track. Taking existing recordings and repurposing them to create new music is known as sampling, which is an integral part of hip hop production. These drum breaks have become iconic in the hip hop genre and are still used in modern hip hop tracks today.

Each .WAV file is trimmed down and contains original artist info for you to start playing around right away.

Download Volume 4

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Note: These break loops come from the original song and artists stated in the filenames. They are NOT recreations. If you are going to use these samples in your work other than personal use, you may need to get these samples cleared. Use your own discretion when using these particular loops in your work.

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