Compelling Music Documentaries You Shouldn’t Miss on Netflix

While some individuals prefer to appreciate songs at face value, others possess a profound curiosity to reveal the layers beneath the surface. In today’s age, where an artist’s life is frequently exposed on the internet without their consent, more and more singers are opting to grant their fans an intimate glimpse into their world on their terms.

They offer insights into the creative processes, personal struggles, and historic musical milestones. Netflix features a plethora of these documentaries to satiate your curiosity. Discover the best music documentaries available for streaming right now on Netflix.


#1 Ariana Grande Excuse Me, I Love You


The film offers fans a concert film experience with pop star Ariana Grande. Spanning from rehearsals to hanging out with friends between shows, the film is a delightful and lighthearted portrayal. In contrast to other tour documentaries, it focuses on the positive aspects of Grande’s career and tour schedule, serving as a welcomed distraction from the 2020 pandemic chaos when it was initially released.


#2 Gaga: Five Foot Two


Lady Gaga’s journey has always been filled with glitz and glamour. However, beyond her superstar image and incredible voice, there’s a hidden world that fans are yet to discover. “Gaga: Five Foot Two” offers an intimate glimpse into the singer’s struggles with fibromyalgia and body pain. It takes us behind the scenes as she works on her record Joanne and prepares for her halftime show at Super Bowl 51.


#3 Not Just A Girl


Not Just A Girl is an adaptation of the unique journey of Shania Twain, an iconic Canadian artist. From performing in bars since childhood to overcoming Lyme disease and a challenging first marriage, Twain’s resilience shines through. In the film, viewers can get to know Twain’s bright personality and see where all the difficulties and challenges in life have led her.

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#4 Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese


Martin Scorsese exhibits his exceptional talent for capturing rock stars on tape. Scorsese then revisited Dylan’s 1975 tour, named Rolling Thunder Revue, intertwining elements of fact and fiction. This documentary provides insights into America’s socio-political landscape of that era.


#5 Count Me In


In elementary or middle school, there was always that one classmate who was obsessed with drumming on every available surface. Count Me In provides insights into their irresistible urge to tap on desks, walls, and metal objects. Unlike other documentaries, Count Me In doesn’t focus on a specific musician. This is the overall image of drummers as a whole.

One musician confidently expresses, “I can play my drums all day and night, and I genuinely love it.” Passion and joy emanate from the screen as each interviewee shares their deep affection for this instrument.


#6 Miss Americana


Before The Eras Tour even took shape, Taylor Swift experienced numerous challenges. Criticized relentlessly for her girl squad, appearance, and past relationships, the singer-songwriter decided to step away from the spotlight for a year. During this time, she focused on her comeback, resulting in a shift in public perception during the Reputation era.


#7 Wham!


The 80s era wouldn’t be complete without its unforgettable music and questionable fashion choices. Neon colors ruled the decade, and it’s no surprise that one of the most popular bands, Wham!, had an equally vibrant sense of style and music. Wham! produced chart-topping hits like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and “Last Christmas”. Yet, behind the upbeat tunes lies the deep friendship between George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, which began during high school. Chris Smith’s documentary provides an intimate perspective on the band’s rise and their amicable breakup in 1986, leading to Michael’s subsequent solo success. If you’re unfamiliar with their backstory, this enlightening watch is not to be missed.




Documentaries about music can be a muse, an inspiration, and the very push that will help you overcome your barrier. Instructive and motivating stories – what you need for everyone who is connected with music. Music is a way of life, not just a hobby, and the listed documentaries clearly show this.

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