Corrupted File in FL Studio

If you have ever had any problems opening a .flp file than you could try out the FL Studio diagnostic tool. This clever little tool enables you to fix FL Studio problems as well as corrupted file in FL Studio.

Have you ever downloaded someone else’s tune to collab on and they have a VST that you don’t have? FL Studio can sometimes break forcing you to CTRL+ALT+DEL and shutdown the program.

When this happened to me I was stuck for ideas and gave up opening the file. When I found out about the diagnostic tool, I downloaded it straight away. All you have to do is choose “Fix a FL Studio file that can’t be loaded anymore” then select the .flp that you are having problems with (if the .flp file is within a .zip folder you must first unzip the project),

The diasgnostic tool reads in all of the presets that the project uses and lets you disable the ones that may be causing issues. Third party VST’s are displayed as “Fruity Wrapper” so all you need to do is select the Fruity Wrappers and resave the file as a new name. So there you have it, your final option if all else fails!

Download the diagnostic tool here

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