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Cre8audio Nifty Bundle

Cre8audio Releases Affordable Eurorack Case

Eurorack is a money hungry hobby and I have been down that road twice with mixed results a small fortune invested. So colour me surprised when I read today that a new US Company named Cre8audio just released a 84hp Eurorack case with inbuilt two channel MIDI to CV converter for just $199! In addition to that they have two modules for sale. One Dual Oscillator and one sequencer module, each at a price point of $99 each. How is this possible?! On top of that you can get their bundle deal, which includes the case, 2 modules, power, MIDI to CV, patch cables, and loads of fun for a ridiculously awesome price of $270. Insanity!!

The appropriately named NiftyCASE looks like a bargain and seems like the perfect entry point for Eurorack newcomers. It’s 84hp width has plenty of room for modules you desire and the ample +12v 1500mA,  -12v 500mA and +5v 500mA power should be good for most setups out there. What makes this great is that the case will also take MIDI over Din or USB and turn it into eurorack compatible CV, gate, mod, and clock. No utility modules needed to sync your new Eurorack synth to your computer or other hardware! Add to that the two modular level audio outputs that get summed to a single line-level output on the back of the case and you truly have one nifty case!

While the NiftyCASE is the standout piece, Crea8Audio also release two modules named Chipz and Cellz. While the website leaves out many technical bits, it describes Chipz as “heaping piles of beeps, blops, and probably some other stuff too. It’s got a couple voices and some wacky LFO junk, perfect for getting your body wobbling.”

Cellz on the other hand is a controller as well as sequencer which reminds me a bit of Make Noise Rene, albeit with less cool functionality, but with a smaller footprint and ridiculous low price tag.

Cre8audio are offering an introductory bundle deal for US$269 for the lot which is pretty hard to believe in Eurorackland. I’ve just put an order through, and I will report back when I have the case and modules in the studio! For now head over to their website and see if it’s something for you too!