Curious Sound Objects’ Bitty is a pocket-sized drum machine

This pocket drum machine has a big speaker and runs on batteries. And you can swap the software!

Curious Sound Objects turned to Kickstarter to launch their battery-operated drum machine/synthesizer that fits in the palm of your hand. Bitty is outputting the punch and crunch of legendary 12-bit drum machines – there’s even a built-in aluminium speaker!

Looking at the device you have four sample trigger buttons and two knobs, where the left knob adjusts the time, patterns, envelope and sample length, while the right handles pitch plus note selection and arpeggiation.

The Bitty comes pre-loaded with the Midnight Bitty sound pack, which comprises synth sounds akin to the soundtrack from the film Drive, as the brand claims. You can swap out this pack for other packs like the Theremin Bitty, Trap Bitty, Lofi Bitty Bitty and others later. The transfer is done via USB and a computer.

I love the concept of the Bitty and hope this will become a smash hit. Personally I still prefer the PO-33 KO from Teenage Engineering, because you can sample into it and it has a nice lo-fi character. Bitty on the other hand seems great for a simple drum machine with big intuitive controls.

The Bitty costs $88 and is expected to be in your inboxes by February 2020!

See the project on Kickstarter here.

Here’s a short overview of finger-drumming on Bitty:

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