Dancehall Snares

Snap necks on the dancefloor with this choice selection of riddim-inspired snares.

Ready to become the King of the Dancehall? This little sample pack gives you a stack of snappy dancehall snares for your riddim productions. Use them to make a 90s dancefloor classic or a big-room dancefloor banger like Major Lazer, these snares blend classic and current Caribbean spices into  an addictive genre defining sound.

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Need more dancehall snares, claps, hats and kicks?

Grab our big Dancehall Drum Kit, which comes packed with many more sounds like this! This kit is the foundation for any producer, that’s trying to conquer the dancehalls of Jamaica and and the rest of the world. We also have a nice collection of Dancehall DJ Sound Effects available for download.

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