Darkchild Drum Kit

Darkchild is a producer name that was never plastered on billboards like so many of the current guard of hip hop producers. Yet he is widely recognized as the key sonic architect of the R’n’B sound of the 90s and 00s! Reason enough to revisit some of his biggest productions and reposting this Darkchild Drum Kit.

Darkchild Drum Kit: DOWNLOAD

Working with many of the top names in music, one career he has defined singlehandedly is the one of Brandy. Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins spawned the evergreen “The Boy Is Mine.” as well the classic “What About Us?” feature many tricks out of Darkchild’s toolbox.

The Darkchild Drum Kit will get you the platinum drum sounds you need as foundation. But listen for the phaser-like basslines and glittering keyboard loops on these tracks for some inspiration to create your own tracks with this drum kit. He also used slight vocal distortion from time to time. Maybe to underline how technology started to mediating our interactions and relationships back then and more so now? You be the judge, now make some evergreens with the Darkchild drum kit. Peace!


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