DD-10 Drum Samples

A bunch of 8bit samples from Yamaha's DD-10 lo-fi drum machine.

Here’s a DD-10 drum samples pack captured from the cheap Yamaha DD-10 drum machine from 1988. The device in classic 80s design featured 8 pads with velocity, 32 push buttons, a slider volume, a simple integrated sequencer and some very basic midi features.

All 26 sounds from the internal ROM have been sampled. You get tom (x4), snare, rimshot, hihat (x2), cabasa, claves, agogo (x2), conga (x2), bongo (x2), crash, splash, synth tom (x2), synth snare, castanet, handclap, cowbell and kick drum. These are mostly based on acoustic drums, but since it’s a lo-fi toy they are in the 8bit resolution land

DD-10 Drum Samples: Download

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