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Deep Bass

Deep Bass Elements

Deep Bass contains 42 presets for Native Instruments soft synth Massive and are suitable for any project you are working on in the studio. These bass samples are so deep that they will make your subwoofers shake and rattle. They are great on their own, or layer them with a more resonant bass sound for more character.

Deep Bass Massive Presets
Deep Bass Massive Presets

For those of you who don’t own Massive, we sampled the presets through our Analog Heat unit for some subtle extra colouring and drive and include the WACV files, that you can use in any DAW or sampler of your choice. We also include mapped Ableton Racks, so if you’re DAW of choice if Ableton Live 9 or 10, then you get 42 ready-to-use bass instruments with control over filter and envelope at your disposal!

Deep Bass Ableton Rack
Also as Ableton Rack

This sound pack is another exclusive to and you won’t find it anywhere else. Load up on go-to bass samples that fill out the deep frequencies and produce well rounded tracks.

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Deep Bass (Massive Presets, WAV, Ableton Racks)  $19 USD