Degrader – A Resampler & Bitcrusher

Degrader is a combined resampler and bit crusher. It comes for both desktop DAWs like Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Logic, etc as well as iPads in form of a AUv3 plugin. It can be used to simulate the sound of vintage digital gear, as a lofi-effect or as a plain distortion unit. Since all parameters are fully automatable it’s a handy plugin for creating unique and interesting drops, sweeps and other transitions. It also comes with a handful of factory presets. You can buy the desktop version here or get the iPad version if you are making beats on the go!


• Resamples between 250 Hz and 96 kHz.
• Low pass filter with different characteristics both pre and post resampling.
• Bit depth can continuously be altered between 3 and 24 bits.
• Additional distortion algorithm.
• Parameter linking (control several parameters with one knob)
• Input and output gain control.
• Dry / Wet mix.
• Several factory presets simulating different vintage gear.

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