DM2 Drum Machine

The DM2 drum machine from Pascal Douillard, developer of the most popular drum machine for iOS – the DM1, has arrived. While DM1 was based on drum samples, DM2 has pretty much similar interface (though updated to modern look) but has excellent sounding drum-synth engine. Check it out!

DM2 is a synthesis-based drum machine with a dedicated graphic editor, for the creation and manipulation of sound . Yeah, blah blah blah… let’s start again. Your lucky stars have all aligned. There are blue skies and smooth sailing ahead. So throw your worries away, and get ready for DM2 to bring endless fun and blissful joy to your face. Your colleagues and friends will be amazed at the new you, wondering how your fingers produce such ravishing beats. Strangers may come up to you in cafés and ask you, “That rhythm sounds like heaven. How do you do that?”. Life can be good, so tap your feet, shake your head and let’s start making some groovy electronic beats with DM2.

Get it from the App Store!

TIP: Another cool drum machine on the iPad is the Groove Rider GR-16!

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