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Dre Platinum Melodies

Dre’s Platinum Melodies

Dre’s Platinum Melodies in one of the hottest sound kits available online. It was modeled after the style of Dr. Dre & Aftermath and is loaded with tons of melody loops like piano loops, bass line loops, synth loops, violin loops and other cool instruments. These are especially useful if you’re into making hip-hop beats. You will be able to use these .wav sounds in any of your tracks, especially if you want that west coast hip-hop vibe.

These are looping sound elements that you can sequence into any track, there are no drum samples behind the melody. You can either let the melodies loop seamlessly as they are, or sample each melody and cut out a certain part that you want. Just import the free .wav sounds into any beat making software like Pro Tools or FL Studio and that’s it! Dr. Dre Platinum Melodies Sound Kit is a must have for any hip-hop producer. Download here.