DrumBrute Drum Samples – Pure Analog Drum Hits!

A collection of 24 free drum kits created with the DrumBrute analog drum machine.

Marco Scherer returns with a new exclusive free drum kit full of DrumBrute drum samples. Following up on the Analog Rumble pack, the new Drum Depot series Brute Drums features a collection of 24 drum kits created with the DrumBrute analog drum machine.

Brute Drums brings you the undisputed and raw sound of Arturia’s DrumBrute with eight kits in three variations each: Fat, Medium and Soft, just like a steak. The soft versions host the original sound with only a few mixing corrections, as the hardware drummie sounds very harsh. Medium kits got some love from Marco’s TLA outboard compressor, while the Fat ones went through his whole arsenal of dynamics and soundgoodizers. Enjoy!

DrumBrute Drum Samples: DOWNLOAD

The pack includes:

  • 24 DrumBrute drum kits.
  • 288 DrumBrute drum samples, properly named and sorted by category.
  • Color coded pads for Battery and Maschine.
  • Full engines with patterns and samples for Geist.
  • 100+ MIDI Drum Patterns.
  • Supported formats: Battery 3+, Kontakt 5+, Ableton Live 9+, Maschine 2+, Geist & Geist Lite 1+, all SFZ & WAV compatible samplers.

Do you want your own Arturia’s Drumbrute after hearing these samples? I bet you do! You can check out the latest price and customer reviews here.

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