Drumbrute Kicks

The Arturia Drumbrute is an all analog drum machine. All the sounds are synthesized, the audio path is strictly analog, the sequencer has some funky tricks and all in all it’s a very fun machine.

The sounds are similar to some vintage units but it is not an emulation of any of the Roland classics. There’s two different Drumbrute kicks voices on the machine, and you can get some pretty weird and unique sounding bass drum tones out of it.

Here are recordings of Drumbrute drum samples through an array of hardware processors in a 500 series rack: there’s some distortion from an Elysia Karacter and a DiyRe Colour Palette, some sculpting from the Elysia X-Filter and Xpressor and some added punch from a DBX 510 Subharmonic Generator.

Here is the Drumbrute samples download link.

A drum machine with attitude, DrumBrute is an addictively fun, instantly satisfying beat maker with a beefy, unique sound. Combining bold, hard-hitting analog sounds, a monstrous output distortion, performable controls, superb connectivity, and a powerful sequencer. Arturia’s drum machine isn’t some shy, miniature, apologetic first attempt at manufacturing a modern analog drum machine, it features no less than 17 analogue voices at a surprisingly low price tag!

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