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Dubspot Sounds

Dubspot Sounds

Dubspot is proud to team up with New York-based sound designer Mike Kiraly to present Dubspot Sounds V1, a handcrafted sample library containing salvaged drum loops, layered looping textures, hybrid drum hits, and ghost rhythms suitable for any music style. The collection was crafted using Native Instruments Reaktor, Twisted Tools Ultraloop, Sugar-Bytes Looperator and Effectrix, Audio Damage’s Automation, Ableton Live, Korg’s Wavestation EXan, Roland’s D-20, Yamaha’s TX802, a Zoom H6, Logic Pro’s Space Designer, various drum and rhythmic loops, and miscellaneous field recordings.

Dubspot Sounds Volume 1: Download (145 MB)

Volume 2 is a FREE collection of handcrafted samples recorded from a wealth of mechanical sounds, modern drum machines, and modular synthesizers. For this edition of Dubspot Sounds, Mike Kiraly ventured out into the world armed only with a portable recorder in search to capture sounds from any machine, motor, or engine to create a collection of mechanical sounds. This pack also includes a wealth of loops recorded by modern drum machines, as well as rhythmic, percussive sounds generated from a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Dubspot Sounds Volume 2: Download (147mb)

For the third edition of Dubspot Sounds, Mike Kiraly melded music technology and uniquely captured sounds with clever sound design approaches to craft a brilliant selection of sonically enhanced samples. Get inspired with 35 carefully designed hybrid transition effects formed from layering various source material and mixed to perfection, 10 organic melodies sculpted with the finest analog and digital synths for the fullest and fattest sound possible, and 10 expressive, organic rhythms performed with one of the best modeled electronic drum instruments in the industry.

Dubspot Sounds Volume 3: Download (256MB)

Mike Kiraly is back and melded music technology and uniquely captured sounds with clever sound design approaches to craft a brilliant selection of sonically enhanced samples suited for any genre.


Get inspired with carefully designed chord phrases that are distinctive, unusual, and melodic. Mike also employed multiple instruments, processors, and techniques to design a collection of layered, hybrid kick drums with a goal to capture the grit and mid-range heft of electronic kick drums found on older recordings combined with the depth and precision of modern drum sounds. Also included is a selection of breakbeats mixed to perfection, and sculpted with the finest analog gear for the fullest and fattest sound possible.

Dubspot Sounds Volume 4: Download (163MB)

For the fifth edition of Dubspot Sounds, Mike Kiraly from Sonic Scenarios handcrafted 14 MASCHINE Drum Kits made from custom samples recorded with precision using an Elektron Machinedrum, the drum machine that started Ekeltron’s long-running legacy of live performance and production tools.

Dubspot Sounds Volume 5: Download (78MB)

To celebrate the launch of Sonic Scenarios, founder and expert audio engineer Mike Kiraly has curated a FREE collection of handcrafted drum loops picked from three of the company’s top sample packages. Each uniquely captured sample was recorded through various high-quality instruments and processor chains to sonically enhance every sound with the highest attention to fidelity. This brilliant selection of professional sounding drum samples is designed to excite and inspire artists of every skill level, regardless of their chosen style or genre!

Dubspot Sounds Volume 6:  Download (176MB)