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Dubstep Drum Kit

Dubstep Drum Kit

This massive Dubstep Drum Kit contains over 1,300 high quality drum samples such as snares, kicks, hats, rides, crashes, claps, cymbals and other percussions and is a necessity for anyone making dubstep.  It supports most styles of dubstep including bro-step, filthstep, drum step and chill-step, but is also suitable for Dubstep, House, DNB and Moombahton beats but can go with other styles too.

There’s even some loops included if you need some inspiration. Program your own mind blowing drum patterns and add your own effects for a touch of uniqueness. A vital sample pack for any dubstep producer.

The Dubstep Drum Kit is available for instant download and is compatible with every sampler & software that can handle WAV audio files.

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