Eclipse (Ableton Live Pack)

We started working on this soundpack when the last solar eclipse (2015) took place, so here we go. Eclipse is a collection of 2 studio-recorded percussion loops with several midi synth, bass and drum tracks. Instruments used are Berimbao (stringed bow) and Caxixi (rattle). All synthesizers and basses were programmed using Ableton´s Operator and analog devices; put your effect racks on the audio and your favourite instruments on the midi tracks to create your own sonic spheres. This is a straight 4-beat pattern that makes combining different loops and tracks quite easy. Midi tracks in this pack give it a loungey feel with a Brazilian flavour thanks to the Berimbao. The time signature is 4 beats per measure, original tempo is 85 Bpm. The tempo can of course be set slower or faster. Eclipse delivers 2 24bit WAV-files and 6 midi files. It is free for you to download on the right.

DOWNLOAD Eclipse (Ableton Live Pack)

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