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Electric Piano VST Electrix

Electric Piano VST

Electrix is a free electric piano VST somewhere between a Rhodes and a Wurlitzer, but with a vintage dirty touch. It’s based on the famous Hohner Electra Piano T which was used by Led Zeppelin in the classic Stairway to Heaven. Hohner created The Electra Piano T in the early 70’s and was followed by other electric piano manufacturers. It uses forks strucked by hammers and electronically converts vibrations transmitted to a transistorised amplifier.

Electrix is the result of more than 1200 hours of develop and testing. Native 64bit and perfectly balanced to fit into any professional mix. Available for Mac and PC, VSTi, AU and Standalone versions are included. DOWNLOAD HERE!

Don’t let the free price tag shock you – Sampleson Electrix is a studio grade instrument and it sounds amazing! Check out the samples below!

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