Emvoice One Vocal Synthesizer

Vocal synthesizer are still a bit of an anomaly in commercial music production. Vocaloid by Yamaha is ruling the niche but its price tag is quite hefty. So it’s always nice to have a free alternative and the Emvoice One Vocal Synthesizer is a quite capable one at that.

The free version of the plugin is fully functional but it has some limitations which will make you want to upgrade if you dig the plugin.

Before we mention the limitations, let’s check out the main features. The Emvoice One Vocal Synthesizer gives you the power to create instant vocals in your production, with no human vocalist needed. The main draw is that its advanced vocal synthesis engine is able to generate quite realistic human singing by combining the inputting notes and lyrics in the plugin’s piano roll. This way you can simulate the performance of a singer without actually recording one. Let’s check out this video to make it more clear:

The Emvoice One virtual instrument is intuitive and easy to use. Make no mistake, the generated vocals still sound a bit robotic but the sound quality is really good and very convincing in the context of a track.

Now the free version only comes with one female voice. An upgrade to the full voice pack is $200, so no easy decision. The free singer voice can only “sing” a seven-note range as well. This is a bit annoying when you want to evaluate if vocal synthesis is working for you, because melodies often require a bigger jump in notes. You can work around it by bouncing parts to audio and transposing them up or down, but who wants to do that…

To close out the post I can say it’s fun to play around with the Emvoice One vocal synthesizer, but I’m not convinced enough that I need it in my arsenal to pay $200 for it to unlock its full potential.

Maybe you find a cool way to use this plugin, so if you want to check it out, here’s the download link.

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