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Exporting & Tracking Out Beats

Exporting & Tracking Out Beats

So you’ve sat down the whole night and banged out a monster of a beat. How do you get it out of your DAW? How do you best archive it? Today we will cover some basics of exporting and tracking out beats.

Exporting Beats

Exporting is probably the most straight forward option. It’s simply bouncing down whatever you put together in your DAW to a stereo file. The most popular export file formats are WAV and MP3. All music programs will have the option to export at least in one of these formats. WAV file sizes are much larger than MP3s, because they contain uncompressed audio, meaning they offer the best audio quality. MP3 files are compressed, so the audio quality is lower. They are perfect for sending via email or  streaming online though, because the file size is much smaller.

Tracking Out Beats

“Tracking out” beats means you are exporting all the individual instruments and sounds into separate audio files so they can be mixed in another audio program or another computer (your mix engineer or mastering studio for example). Sometimes artists want beats to be tracked out so they can make creative adjustments to the beat, like adding or removing elements. Or they want to mix it themselves so it fits to their vocals or other album tracks.

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