Felt Piano Sample Library

When it comes to vibey beats, nothing beats a felt piano sample library! A while back Jon Meyer Music released the Kawai Felt Piano, a free felt piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt, but it’s also available as plain WAV files. It has been one of my go to presets for a while now, so I thought I share it with you.

The Kawai Felt Piano has a a darker sound character than a regular piano, because it is recorded with a felt placed on top of the actual strings. This felt piano sample library perfectly captures the moody vibe that’s so hard to capture in a virtual instrument. And best of all, it is a completely free download – you only need to enter your email address and it’s yours! Here’s a a little taste of it:


Important to note: You will need the full version of Kontakt to use the patch. If you don’t own Kontakt you can use the included WAV samples in any sampler of your choice.

Jon Meyer used three separate pairs of microphones to record the library. The result is a simply wonderful sounding felt piano instrument, one that you will surely enjoy playing. The piano sounds intimate and full, with plenty of character.

Only downside is, that you can’t control the volume of each microphone separately as I have seen in another commercial felt piano sample library. Since they are premixed you can quickly roll with the preset and get a good sound. It sounds natural too, because the piano features two round robins and three velocity layers per sampled note! How about that for a free Kontakt library!

Grab the download of the Kawai Felt Piano (664MB download size) from Jon Meyer’s website and submit your email address. While you are there, you can get three additional free sound libraries, for example a unique great sounding brushed acoustic drum set.

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