Fender VI

The Fender VI Bass Guitar is a classic instrument – moving beyond the traditional four-string bass layout, it features six strings, for an impressive range. Certified Trainer Antonio Sage meticulously sampled his Fender VI for Spy Guitar, a new free instrument for Live.

Spy Guitar includes a variety of playing styles, including upstroke and downstroke articulations, plus pizzicato (short notes) and ebow. The instrument also comes with an effects rack featuring classic effects such as reverb, tremolo, and fuzz. Lastly, you can visualize your playing on a fretboard using the included Max for Live visualizer, designed by Dennis Fischer and Aaron Levitz.

Download Spy Guitar

This Instrument requires Ableton Live 9 Suite. The Suite version features Max for Live components that are required for the instrument. The Max for Live Guitar visualizer was designed by Antonio Sage and programmed by Dennis Fischer and Aaron Levitz.

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