Final Touch – Complete Mastering System

It is fantastic to see such a powerful and beautifully made new music app from Positive Grid called Final Touch.

Mastering is not the most common thing people do on the iPad, most of mastering apps for iPad are used by people that produce music exclusively on iOS. And those who use computers in their studio mostly rely on desktop software (whether built-in DAW plugins which are not best ones or commercial plugins like iZotope Ozone).

I was not very exited when I’ve heard about new mastering app for the iPad. In my studio I do mastering with set of pretty expensive plugins and outboard mastering compressor. But I gave a chance to Final Touch app and I need to say that it not only looks good but also sounds really good. And the price is just 20$. Just to compare – the most popular desktop mastering plugin – iZotope Ozone is 250$.

Playing with unmastered track I’ve got great results just in a few minutes. And here’s how it works – you export the track (from iTunes, Dropbox, FTP, file sharing – Documents folder of the app and Audio Paste), then you turn on modules you need – Pre EQ, Multiband compressor, Reverb, Stereo Imager, Post EQ and Maximizer.
EQs have 8 independent linear phase bands and each band can be split for Left/Right channel or Mid/Side. Multiband compressor is really cool – just check out the way it shows gain and compression. And my favorite here is Maximizer it sounds really transparent.

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