FL Studio 13

The last update of FL Studio 12 was released this year. We’re itching to hear official news regarding the imminent launch of FL Studio 13. Who knows how it will go this time around? Here’s a list of interesting things people are asking for…

New Features

I’m interested to see improved warping in the playlist as well as better audio manipulation and automation. Also dedicated controller for FL-Studio ala Ableton Push or Native Instruments Maschine would be a game changer!

Making Sounds

The sampler is such a big part of my workflow and it has nearly all I need. One of my wishes is a more precise loop functionality in the sampler, like a pair of sample start and stop marker dials to instantly choose when sample begins and ends. It would be great to be able to toggle stereo to mono directly in the sampler. Also a nicer crossfade option and no Downsampling to project sample rate would be big wins in my book.

Include the Fruity Soundfont Player in the Producer Edition already. Paying $35 is not a big deal, but it seems odd to me how you have to buy a separate plugin just to play soundfonts.

FL Studio 13 Workflow Improvements

  • A way to lock all the windows (playlist, mixer, channel rack, etc.) for a custom, fixed layout. Arrange them as you like and lock it to prevent movement. Alternatively it would be great to have all windows as tabs at least, similar to Logic Pro X.
  • Ability to copy/paste plug-ins from one mixer track to other without changing destination tracks name, colour, or any other settings. Copying data from one channel to another is way to complicated since like forever.
  • Option to switch to General MIDI drumkit view in the piano roll. This is for soundfont drumkits that are organized according to the GM standard.
  • Separate buttons for Mute & Solo, everywhere. i.e. Mixer, channel rack, playlist.
  • Ability to simply copy and paste pattern/MIDI data between channels of different projects without exporting scores.
  • Option to enter the values of knobs and faders in percentage or dBs. This will make relative adjustments much easier.
  • Include an improved time signature support, at least for basics like 2/4, 3/4, 3/8 and 6/8.
  • (e.g., collapsible folder tracks, better playlist lane locking, drag and drop naming and coloring from existing).
  • Bypass button on FX plug-ins’ wrapper (repeating Subliminal Message’s point)

That’s it really. It’s a great piece of software, but there’s these small annoying things I come across daily, which bug me a lot 🙂


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