FL Studio Autosave

If you have been living under a rock for a while (as I have appear to been), FL Studio now has an autosave function which can be found under Options > File Settings. It’s only available in FL Studio 9.7 beta, so if you’re a registered user you will be able to take advantage of possibly the best feature ever added to FL Studio! FL Studio Autosave is a godsend, believe me!

You can select a few different autosave options such as Frequently (Every 5mins & before risky operation), Regurlarly (every 5mins), Occasionally (every 10mins), Rarely (every 15mins) and Never (just remind me every 10mins).

This is like the best thing the FL Studio guys have ever done. If your computer crashes it is simply a matter of opening up FL Studio once again and going to File > Revert to last backup. FL Studio Autosave for the win!

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