FL Studio Discount Coupon Code

To take advantage of this special offer all you have to do is go to the FL Studio shop and select your product. The FL Studio Discount Coupon Code applies to all of Image Line’s products. You choose what you want to buy, but which version should you buy?

FL Studio XXL – consists of FL Studio Producer bundled with Drum Synth Live, Sim Synth Live, DX10, Sytrus, Video Player, Direct Wave, Soundfont Player.

FL Studio Producer Edition – this is simply FL Studio with all standard effects and generators excepet the ones listed above.

Follow this link to save 10% off FL Studio (expired)!

I recommend going for the Producer Edition if your budget is a little tight. You can always buy the bundled generators at a later date if needed. Using my special offer you can get FL Studio Producer Edition for US$135 that’s a saving of US$14 using the 10% discount link.

As a registered user you get access to

Download the latest version of FL Studio (and lifetime upgrades)
Collab and make tunes with people from around the world
Download over 2GB of HQ samples
Watch over 30 video tutorials
Access the different forums
Another FL Studio Discount Coupon Code from time to time

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