FL Studio How to Connect a Midi Keyboard or Controller

One of the first things to upgrade in your FL Studio setup, is usually a midi controller. Let’s look at how to connect a Midi Keyboard to FL Studio:

  1. If you are using a midi keyboard and midi cable then turn your PC and keyboard off before you plug it in. Plug the cable from the midi out of the keyboards to the midi input of the PC or soundcard. You may need to get an adapter available from music stores (they usually connect to the joystick input on your soundcard).
  2. Turn on the keyboard and then the PC and open FL Studio.
  3. Press F10 and go to the FL Studio midi settings menu. Select generic controller on the input menu and you should see your MIDI device listed. If not check all cables and then hit rescan midi devices.
  4. Turn on auto accept controller and that should be it. Try pressing keys on your keyboard and you should hear noises.

Note: If you have a Firewire or USB midi keyboard/controller then you must install the windows drivers for the before it will appear in the FL Studio midi settings menu. If your midi controller still doesn’t appear try restarting your PC. If it still doesn’t show up then try www.midiox.com to test to see if your midi controller is working.

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