FL Studio Linux Installation Guide

There is no specific FL Studio Linux install available for Ubuntu as FL Studio only supports Windows/Mac. However, you can get FL Studio Linux working using a program called Wine for Ubuntu. Wine lets you install Windows applications on Linux operating systems.

How to Install FL Studio Linux

The following guide will help you to install FL Studio on a Linux operating system.

  1. Install Wine and the Wine-dev packages – http://www.winehq.org/ and Wine FL Studio page
  2. Install jackd, libjack, qjackctl, and jack dev packages – JACK
  3. You will need to have build essentials installed. (Only if you plan to compile the latest WineASIO. It is not needed if you’re just downloading the WineASIO .deb) – WineASIO Download
  4. If you are using Ubuntu you will need the WineASIO driver install package. (Register WineASIO with regsvr32 wineasio.dll by opening the terminal)
  5. Open wine control panel and configure the sound to use only alsa – ALSA supported audio cards
  6. Now start jack and then start FL Studio Linux!

How Well Does FL Studio Linux Perform?

According to the FL Studio support team, FL Studio Linux performs well on Ubuntu when compared with Windows XP.  The CPU meter shows exactly the same usage when the included projects are played.  The graphics and user interface are responsive as per usual. (via)

So that’s it really, you can now have fun creating music with your favourite digital audio workstation FL studio on your favourite Linux operating system! Oh and here’s a youtube video of Linux working on FL Studio just to prove it works.


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