FL Studio Mac – Finally Here!

The long-standing Windows-only music software FL Studio is now available on OSX

FL Studio is a favourite among music-makers worldwide, including some of todays biggest stars in hip hop and trap, like Metro Boomin, Hit-Boy, and Murda Beatz. To celebrate two decades of the DAW formerly known as Fruity Loops, Image-Line have skipped straight from version 12 to 20. Since the original release, FL Studio has been a Windows-exclusive program. Finally after years of user complaints asking for a port to the popular Mac line-up of laptops and desktop computers, Image-Line – the company behind FL Studio, started working in 2013 on a version for said platform – FL Studio Mac!

With the recent release of FL Studio 20, the DAW of choice for many is officially available on OSX. The best thing is that project sessions are compatible – so the switch from your old Dell laptop to a top-of-the-line Macbook is as easy as it gets. Also, existing FL Studio users can download the Mac version at no additional charge. So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve used FL Studio in the past and are itching to find out what’s new in FL Studio Mac, then here’s a great rundown on what the new version has in store. One of the biggest advancement is the introduction of time signature support. Finally you can break out of the 4/4 grid and venture out into 6/8 jazz trap! LOL! In the video Image-Line also cover freezing & consolidation, multiple playlists & playlist updates as well as various workflow updates. You’ll also find out about the graph editor, sampler channel updates, updates to native plugins like Newtone, Fruity Blood and side chain compression in FL Studio. FL Studio is out now for PC and Mac, in three flavours:

Buy Fruity Edition $99: Amazon or Guitar Center

Buy Producer Edition $199: Amazon or Guitar Center

Buy Signature Edition $299: Amazon or Guitar Center

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