FL Studio Newtone

FL Studio Newtone is a new plugin in FL Studio 9.7 beta. It is a pitch corection and editor which can be used to manipulate vocals. So if you are a really bad singer such as myself, you can pitch correct your vocals and still be left with bad vocals except that they are in tune!

This plugin is one of the best improvements I have ever seen in FL Studio. It is so powerful and the smooth integration into FL Studio means that you can open up many intances of Newtone without affecting CPU load. It’s amazing. If you were thinking about buying Melodyne (a similar program which is worth a few hundred dollars) then think again. Melodyne is good from what I hear but many users have been complaining about the compatability when connecting it to FL Studio.

If you’re a registered user, just log in right now and buy FL Studio Newtone for what you think it’s worth! That’s right I’m serious the friendly folk at Image Line have set a pay what you thinks it’s worth (with a minimum of $12) for both Newtone and Pitcher. Awesome!

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