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So, here’s the deal. There are actually no official alternative FL Studio skins. According to the developers legal notice, modification of the FL Studio GUI is a violation of their copyright and moral rights.

From FL Studio 12 a new graphical user interface was introduced and it’s not possible to modify the GUI without unauthorized changes to the FL Studio runtime code. That’s reason why most skins that you find, are for FL Studio 11 and older versions. They had a simpler mechanism and used simple bitmap images for the GUI. These things were easy for almost anyone to change and package up as an FL Studio Skins. Most these custom skins were pretty horrific to work with, but nevertheless we wanted to show you what these would looked like.

FL Studio 11 Shadow Skin
FL Studio 11 Shadow Skin

I’ve also grown sick of the dull green look of FL Studio during the years.It wasn’t all that hard to modify all of the graphics and come up with an entirely new look with a custom FL Studio Skin. I mostly just personalised the colour scheme to my liking. I hoped it may even influence the way I make music, but aside from a short motivation bump, all these hours invested in pimping my FL Studio were useless and unproductive.

If you are still running FL Studio 11 or less and you really want to spice up the graphics, simply head over to the flipsideforum aka The Skin Tank. If you want to get your hands dirty and are a bit into computer drawing already, check out this guide to Skinning FL Studio. Enjoy!

Here’s some more skins to inspire you.

FL Studio 11 GOD BLESS RED Skin
FL Studio 11 GOD BLESS RED Skin

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