Fly Tape is Gross Beat for the iPad.

Add tape tricks and FX to incoming audio signals “on the Fly”

This app is a unique MSXII look on some of the aspects about tape that we love while adding some unique features that are enjoyable! Fly Tape installs as an iOS AUv3 FX plugin, designed for use within host apps such as Garageband, Beatmaker 3, Cubasis, Audiobus, and more. Standalone mode for demo purposes.

Named for it’s performance style of use, users can adding FX to their incoming audio signals in many ways “on the Fly.” Sliders for textured nuances such as hiss & pitch will allow you to dial in tasteful settings that can become reminiscent of cassette tapes. These also can be automated via midi cc for additional modulation.

Download from App Store.

Tips: FX buttons can be chained in unique ways to deliver awesome results such as Lofi “70’s –> Saturate “Clean” –> Half-Speed. Also all parameters of Fly Tape can be mapped in your favorite hosts. For example, you can map the Noise & Pitch sliders to faders or knobs on your favorite midi controller.

Like most apps, vsts, DAWs, and other music tools, there’s never the “perfect” solution. Most of the best music is/was made with products in which users had to lock into learning that gear/software and allow it to push them to new things. Our intention with Fly Tape was to make this a performance app–first. However, once we delivered Fly Tape, there’s been countless requests for a “latching” option. While we have plans for updates that will continue to enhance Fly Tape, we wanted to give you some ideas that will open up your creativity. We figured, why not start with a way to “latch” Fly Tape within Beatmaker 3 (one of our main testing grounds)? In our MSXII iOS App Tutorial Series, our fam Jay Ellyiot will be honing in on some key things we think you’ll enjoy, be challenged by, and also cause you to look at our apps in unique ways you may not have considered previously. Anything shown here is how we approach our own apps as producers! Much more to come so enjoy!

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