Free MPC VST Plugin

If you miss your classic MPC – or never owned one and always wanted to experience it for yourself – this is the nearest thing to having the hardware in front of you – for free. Let’s party like it’s 1999. It looks super authentic – you get the the old workflow, the buttons, the beigeness! There are even the sonic characteristics emulated to a certain degree (even though it won’t sound exactly the same as the actual legendary hardware…). Check out a demo below:

The original Akai MPC2000XL that the VST is modelled after is the successor of the the classic MPC60 sampler which made hip hop history no doubt. Hitting the market in the early 2000s, it provided the legendary MPC workflow but offered more RAM memory, higher polyphony, and other hardware improvements. Most importantly it did NOT change the legendary groove and “feel” of the old-school MPC samplers, making the MPC2000

Most notably this VST is practical, because you can load a lot of the files the actual hardware could – APS, ALL, PGM, SND, MID and of course WAV. It’s fun looking at the hardware on your screen and using the old workflow without spending money on the actual hardware. Or you can simply test drive it and see if a classic MPC is something that gels with you! Every menu screen and software feature is modeled after the original instrument. It is a great way to experience the classic MPC beat-making workflow.

What else? You can obviously bounce to WAV and get MIDI in and out. The whole thing as a plug-in in all flavours (VST2,VST3, AU) on both Mac and Windows.

vMPC2000XL – An MPC2000XL emulator

And just to be clear, this VST is not authorized by Akai…

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