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Free Omnisphere Presets

Free Omnisphere Presets

Omnisphere is the big daddy of software synths. It comes with thousands of great patches, but if you are looking for some more free Omnisphere presets to add to your collection, check out the ones below:

Omnitaur for Omnisphere 2.6. Free Download.

Omnitaur is a free library based entirely on the Moog Minitaur waveforms that come with the version 2.6. This library will not work on older versions of Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere than 2.6. Omnitaur contains 50 patches of Arps, Basses, Leads and Pads.

Into The Ensonisphere. Free Download.

A collection of sounds that were used to figure out the concept that later became the commercial soundset Elektroniq. The sounds in this collection are unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

FlavourSphere. Free Download.

30 great new patch presets and 6 Multi’s for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, ranging from big synths to rhythmic patterns and arpeggiated sounds. This library adds a complete new flavour to this much loved and amazing soft synth hence the name flavoursphere. This superb library tries not to discriminate against any one genre of music, but will truly inspire you to create something special what ever your musical tastes. This library wll work with both Omnisphere version 1 and 2.

The Free Lobby Piano.  Free Download.

Here’s an idea no developer has ever thought off: let’s make a piano library. Lol! The Lobby Piano is an exploration into what a piano can be. A collection of sound design piano tones ranging from experimental playing styles to completely recharged sound explorations. These free Omnisphere presets are at home in pretty much everything you do. It’s not really a piano anymore. It’s a designed piano. 10 free patches for Omnisphere 2.5.

Atari Avalon. Free Download.

Plughugger has released Atari Avalon, a sound expansion with 88 free Omnisphere presets with an old-school retro-twist. Back in the day of the Atari ST German software developer Steinberg created Avalon, a virtual modular synth engine where the user could create own synth sounds. Atari Avalon is designed to take the sounds of Steinberg’s Avalon into the modern age with the Omnisphere 2 engine, utilizing everything from the granular engine to the new step sequencer.

Do you have any other links to quality free Omnisphere presets?