Free Sample Packs

If you haven't been our site before, this is an excellent place to start adding quality sounds to your library!

Over the years we have released tons of free sample packs as well as linking out to other people’s kits. On this page we wanted to highlight some of our favourites to build a solid sample library!

  1. Click each link below.
  2. Look for the download link or button on that page.
  3. Please share this resource with others. 😉

Free Drum Kits

Here are our favourite Free Drum Kits to download and add to your beat making collection.

  • The XXXTentacion Drum Kit is a free sample pack and features some heavily distorted 808 bass sounds and sharp cutting snares to get that raw modern trap sound!
  • This Lil Uzi Drum Kit is inspired by the albums, tracks and mixtape by one the biggest rising stars in trap in recent years.
  • Here’s a collection of Lo-Fi Drum Kits which add character to your tracks. Trap, Vaporwave and Future Funk all can use some decent lo-fi grit. Dust, crunch and lo-fi to the max – perfect for raw hip-hop beat-making!
  • This African Drum Kit pop up everywhere at the moment – for example in tropical bass & even pop productions by the likes of Diplo, Major Lazer, DJ Snake and many others. Also J Dilla, Madlib and other sample based hip hop producer have been known to infuse their drums with african drum samples.

Free Sample Packs

Drums ain’t enough, so let’s pick some essential loop and sample packs you might find useful.

  • Reddit user Arrogant Beggar has released a dope sample pack focussed on Lo-Fi Hip Hop Guitar Samples titled That Guitar. It’s royalty-free electric guitar sample pack inspired by the sounds of lo-fi hip-hop music.
  • This free Brass Samples Pack is a collection of high quality brass instrument samples useful for all types of production. It comes packed with over 70 realistic sounding trombones, trumpets, brass hits, sustained hits and extras.
  • This Synth Strings Sound Kit is probably what you’d think it is: a sound pack filled with cool synths and strings! We find these especially great for laying over bare drum patterns you have setup in your beat already. You instantly add some depth and we use them often for the chord progression of the track.
  • Fantastic Flutes Sound Kit is everything you would expect it to be. A comprehensive assortment of free flute sounds and samples. Great for trap songs in the style of Future!

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