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Serum is one of the best synth VST plugins you can get right now. Years ago it overtook Massive as the go-to soundsource for many producers. While there are countless quality commercial preset banks for any genre on the planet, here’s our list of the essential FREE Serum presets in our books!

Boarding Pass. Download.

Studio Sounds released Boarding Pass, a custom Serum preset bank designed to immerse the user in a tropical soundscape!  The goal of this bank was to create a library of ethnic and exotic instruments, ranging from steel drums to quirky mallets and other sounds that are not found in other every day banks. While this bank works very well for melody friendly tracks, it also features presets with a dark twist that could just as easily be part of trap tracks or more aggressive styles.

Boarding Pass features over 160 custom presets and custom macro controls, allowing the user to take control and easily change or shape any preset to their personal taste or track needs. Designed from scratch using custom Noises and Wavetables, you can rest assured that Boarding Pass will be a unique and absolutely worthy addition to your sound library! This Bank Includes: Bass, Bells & Mallets, FX, Groove Pads, Hits, Keyboards, Leads, Pads, Plucks & More!

Strange Things. Volume 1 & Volume 2.

Stranger Things, the hit Netflix show, has an incredible and memorable score. If you don’t know much about the series, all you need to know about the soundtrack is that it’s haunting, beautiful, and a synth lovers dream. Here’s two packs of Serum presets that is unabashedly analog sounding. These presets will be a welcomed addition to your collection regardless of what genre you produce.


Volume 1 has 74 Serum presets and 50 wavetables sampled from classic synths like the Mini Moog, Juno, Jupiter 8 and more. It also comes with bonus drum loops and drum samples taken from drum machines that were popular in the 1980’s.

Volume 2 comes with 50 new presets inspired by the show. We sampled a 1970’s Moog and a vintage Roland Jupiter 8 to source new wavetables for Serum. These sounds are dripping with so much analog character you won’t believe they are coming from Serum! All in all you get 11ARPS, 12 Basses, 5 Leads, 6 Pads and 11 Pads.

8-bit Serum presets. Download.

Seraxic released a free 8-bit Serum presets pack containing old school sound fx, leads and arps ready for 8-Bit music production. You do not need to insert a coin to continue, this nostalgic sounding preset pack is free!

Ear Candy. Download.

FX and transition sounds are so important in modern music. They add the ear candy that can make a good track great, a boring track interesting, and add the tension and release that keeps the listener engaged. We’ve all probably come across those FX synth presets that sound like whales dying on Mars. You know the ones. The sounds that are so out there you could never use them in your build or your drop

That’s why you should download Ear Candy for Serum. This is a highly selective and thoughtful collection of presets that are usable in almost any genre. The great thing about making risers, sweeps, pitch downs etc., in a synth is that they are always locked to your BPM and tempo. Risers​, Sweeps, Pitch Downs, Pitch Up.

Mellotron Presets for Serum. Download.

This pack contains 17 Serum presets, wavetables and noises based on the legendary Mellotron, which is a vintage tape replay keyboard used by The Beatles and many other artists. Before you jump for joy! These presets won’t sound exactly like the real Mellotron. Mellotron samples were imported as wavetables into Xfer’s flagship synth Serum, adjusted some settings and made a free preset pack combining the best of anlog and digital. The goal was more to create something build upon the favoured vibe of analog gear with the precision and flexibility of the digital world. With Serum you’ll get control over all kinds of parameters, some of which are: ADSR, filters, pitch, time stretching, multiple voices etc.. Moreover you’ll get a whole range of integrated effects.

Any other free Serum Presets packs that we should include in this list?


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