Fruity Free Filter

If you have never used a filter before than you should check out the Fruity Free Filter. This is a filter in its most basic form and you should learn how to use it. Filters are very effective when creating electronic music.

You can use the fruity free filter to make synths & instruments sound more interesting. Essentially a filter is like an equalizer, it filters certain frequencies based on the settings you choose. Even better you can automate a filter to create sweeping sounds in your tunes.

  • Tip: Try using a high pass filter on an entire drum pattern to create a gradual fade in.
  • Type – This selects the type of fiter to be used. Be it low pass, band pass, high pass, notch, low shelf, peaking EQ and high shelf.
  • Freq – Choose the desired frequency, or automate this to sweep across a range of frequencies.
  • Q – Stands for “quality”. It determines the resonance on a high pass and low pass filter. On other types of filters it determines the sharpness of the frequency roll off.
  • Gain – Only applies to peaking EQ, low shelf and high shelf filter types.

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