Fruity Slicer Tips & Techniques

I’ve made this new song Anto – Journey to The Future. If you have a listen you will hear some vocals that I added to the tune that go like this “ah ah ah ooo, ah ah ah ooo, ah ah ah oooo, yea ah ah ooo”. So how did I do this? Well, the vocals are actually a cut up version of  me singing “oooooh yeeeeaaaah”. To get the “ah ah ah ooo, ah ah ah ooo, ah ah ah oooo, yea ah ah ooo” effect, the sample has been added into The Fruity Slicer.

To do this open up an instance of The Fruity Slicer, hit the folder icon which says “sample” when you mouse over and choose “load sample”. The sample of your choice is loaded in and cut up into parts by The Fruity Slicer. As default, the Slicer will arrange all of the pieces so that when you hit play you hear the original sample that you loaded. You can see what the original sample looks like in the piano roll below.

To mix the sample up, all you have to do is open up the piano roll. Now change the positions of the notes and even the length of the notes untill you come up with something catchy and exciting! This is what the modified version looks like in the piano roll. You can see how I have shortened the notes and re-arraged them to play at different times.

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