Funk Samples

A brand new bag of funk samples that are guaranteed to leave you in a cold sweat.

393 free soul & funk samples. Download. 

Soul and funk – two genres that go together like bread and jam. Or a pie and a pint. That’s what SampleRadar thinks, anyway, hence this collection of soulful sounds that simultaneously carry a serious amount of groove. The samples are split into five construction kits of different tempi (90, 100, 110, 112 and 120bpm). These contain drum, bass, guitar, Rhodes piano and organ loops.

289 free guitar samples. Download.

Whether you’re producing taut funk or a house banger, the value of a good choppy guitar part can’t be underestimated.It’s worth having plenty on your hard drive to be called upon when needed, then, and if you download this week’s SampleRadar collection, you’ll be all sorted. The samples are split into seven folders and are all at 110bpm.

376 free funk samples. Download.

We’ve got a brand new bag of funk samples that are guaranteed to leave you in a cold sweat. Put some of these in your tunes and the roof of the sucker will be well and truly torn off. The samples are split into five folders. Four of these are labelled according to their tempo and contain instrument sounds, while the fifth is filled with beats.

268 free dusty samples. Download.

It’s time to take it old school, as we get on the good foot and bring you a selection of stone cold funk samples. We’ve got beats, bass and guitar loops, all of which are bursting with groove. The dusty samples are divided into Bass, Beats and Guitar folders, each of which contains loops at 85, 95, 110 and 120bpm.

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