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Whether you’re working on a soundtrack for a media project or your latest dubstep opus, FX samples can help to add interest and atmosphere.If your sample library isn’t yet stocked with such audio embellishments, don’t fret, for we have a solid list right here. Sound effects have played a vital role in all kinds of audio productions down the years, helping to add atmosphere, drama and a whole lot more besides.

Sometimes, you’re looking for a beat, chord or riff that you can use as the basis for a track, but on other occasions, what you need is a bit of other-worldly weirdness to add atmosphere. It’s those ‘other’ moments that we’re catering for here, with sounds that might not make a lot of sense on their own, but in the right context, can take an existing production to another dimension.

    • 338 free FX samples by SampleRadar. The samples are supplied in six folders, each of which contains FX sounds of a particular type. Free Download.
    • A selection of 395 free FX and sweetener samples that can be used to add an extra ‘something’ to your tracks. The samples are split into ten folders. Nine of these contain FX sounds, while the final one (which is in a separate zip file) contains the sweeteners. As well as loops, some of the kits also contain hits. Free Download.
    • The 464 out there FX samples in this pack are split into five folders, each of which is labelled based on the type of sounds contained within it. Free Download.
    • While many of us like to make music that sounds decidedly synthetic, adding a snatch or two of real-world audio can help to give your productions a more organic feel. The samples are split into three folders: Body FX, Foley FX and Field Recordings. In this pack you get 286 free real-world FX samples and it’s a Free Download.
    • For the Timewarp FX Sample Pack, SampleRadar raided the FX archives to put together a collection of sounds, all ready for you to drop into your DAW. The 556 timewarp FX samples are divided into 12 folders, each of which is labelled according to the samples contained within it. Free Download.

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