Create and explore musical phrases and rhythmic patterns with GridComposer (App Store Link), an experimental musical sequencer. Arrange blocks on the grid to create notes and combine them to short phrases. Experiment with the timings and harmonies to explore variations of your composition. No musical knowledge is needed to start playing.

Interesting Bits:

  • Contains four build-in, polyphonic synthesizer presets.
  • Notes are automatically assigned from a global musical scale.
  • Save and load your compositions.
  • Ability to adjust the musical scale, key and octave on the fly.
  • Volume mixer to adjust your tracks.
  • Advanced options to create custom scales.
  • Set the tempo and individual trigger speed for each track.
  • Ability to add delay and reverb effects.
  • Stream live audio via Audiobus or Inter-App audio.
  • Output notes to other apps via Core-MIDI.
  • Adjust the playhead for each grid.
  • Synchronizes with Ableton Link enabled Apps.

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