SUB37 Analog Synth

HelloSamples SUB37 Analog Synth

After releasing a collection of free presets for the Moog SUB37 Analog Synth, HelloSamples switched their little beast back on, and multi-sampled it to create mono and polyphonic presets for Ableton and Maschine. Almost 2GB of deep and abrasive basses, funky leads, nice plucks, driving synths, crazy FX and even some punchy drum kits. On top of that, unheard polyphonic patches to open a new world of possibilities with the programming capabilities of Ableton and Maschine.

An excellent starting point for you to play around with the sounds and create your own patches!

HelloSamples SUB37 Analog Synth: DOWNLOAD

  • Ableton Live (9.5): +3900 WAV Samples / 91 presets ( 6 Drum Kits, 15 Basses, 17 Leads, 6 Plucks, 11 FX and even 33 Polyphonic sounds)
  • NI Maschine (2.4): +3900 WAV Samples / 6 Drum Kit Groups / 9 Chord Groups / 5 Instrument Groups / 56 Sounds ( 14 Basses, 14 Leads, 4 Plucks, 11 FX and even 13 Polyphonic sounds)
  • Other Formats: all packs include WAV files (44.1kHz/24bit) compatible with any system.