Hip Hop Hats

If you are looking for hip hop hats samples on here, then let us give you a few recommendations from our packs…

First up here’s a little pack of 10 go-to hip hop hats. Nothing fancy, just the bread and butter sounds that you will go back to again and again!



The sound of the dirty south rules hip hop these days, so most likely you are looking for some 808 inspired trap hats. Check out this post we did on how to program trap hats patterns properly – at the bottom you’ll find a link to some free tap hat samples, so give them a try.

Tired of your 808 type hats that everybody and their cousin are using these days? Spice things up with small collection of Boom Bap Hats inspired by the ruff and rugged 90s sound of the golden era of hip hop. These samples are taken from our Boom Bap Sample Kit which has over 400 drum samples included.


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