Hip Hop Kicks

Are your kick drums knocking? If you are still looking for right sound, hit the download below and we'll have you covered, but what is actually special about hip hop kicks?

Hip hop kicks typically have a deep, heavy bass sound and are often made by layering samples of different drum sounds to create a more complex sound and using EQ and compression to achieve a desired frequency spectrum. They often feature a sharp, pronounced attack followed by a long, sustained tail. In addition to the deep bass sound and pronounced attack, kick drums in hip hop often have a lot of low-end frequency content, which gives them a powerful, thumping feel.

The kick drum is usually a defining element in the genre, and it’s often used as the foundation for the beat and the rhythm section. It is used to provide a steady, rhythmic foundation for the other elements of the track, such as the snare, hi-hat, and other percussion.

Hip hop kicks have also evolved over the years, in the early days of hip hop, the drums were mostly sampled from funk and soul records, but today, producers have a wider range of tools and techniques to create unique and original sounds. Some use synthesizers to create the kick drum sound.

In terms of production techniques, hip hop kicks are often sidechained to make them “pump” with the music, meaning that the level of the kick drum is reduced when other elements of the track are playing, creating a rhythmic effect. This is a common technique used in EDM and other electronic music genres as well.

Enough talking now. We have put together a solid kit of just kicks, so you don’t have to dig through a myriad of sample packs to get a good selection to choose from.


PS. Obviously these hip hop kicks also work wonders in other genres as well!

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