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How To Add A Music Studio To A Cabin Or Outbuilding

In 2018, worldwide recorded music sales totalled 1.91 billion US dollars, according to IFPI, and more and more musicians are getting in on the action by adding music studios to cabins or outbuildings. Learning how to add a music studio to an outbuilding will give you the power to record beats without paying for expensive studio time in your own community. Recording beats will become a personalized, private and convenient experience, which allows you to achieve your own potential independently. Of course, it’ll also be simple to bring in collaborators if you want to.

Take advantage of internal space

Rectangular layouts work well, so consider choosing a prefab cabin with this type of layout. Another option is adjusting the layout of an existing cabin/outbuilding to suit your needs. asserts that cabins may be customized right from the start, during the pre-construction phase, in order to serve specific purposes. Whichever type of structure you choose, you should shoot for a rectangular shape that is symmetrical, to maximize workspace. This shape will promote superb acoustics once the recording studio is complete.

Soundproof your studio space

A cabin or outbuilding may not be in a remote location. It may be close to your main residence and close to the residences of your neighbors. If this is the case, soundproofing which stops neighbors from hearing what’s happening in the studio will be important. Soundproofing will also block out noise from the outside, which is to your benefit as a musician and producer. The best way to soundproof is by creating a room inside of a room. Go for double walls to isolate sound. The deeper a wall is, the better, as walls that are deeper have more air volume, and provide the best isolation of low frequency sounds. A double ceiling may also be a smart add-on. Some people put drywall up by attaching it to the joists of ceilings.

Don’t forget about security

The equipment that you put inside of your new recording studio will be valuable and it should be protected. To keep thieves from getting your precious digital recording equipment, including sound kits, Midi kits, computers and keyboards, make sure that you install a high-quality security system. Security systems which are wired to central stations offer the highest level of support, as teams in central stations contact the authorities when alarms are tripped.

Creative freedom will be your fingertips when you invest in a recording studio that’s housed in a cabin or other outbuilding. It’s even possible to convert a home garage into a functional home recording space that allows you to get amazing results. Whether your budget is big, mid-range or small, you should be able to put together a recording studio that delivers, provided you go for a rectangular layout, soundproof effectively and pay attention to security.