How to Add Effects in FL Studio

It’s quite simple to add effects in FL Studio. This guide shows you how to open up the mixer and add effects to any element of you song. You basically route each sample to a mixer track and then load the effects into the slots in the mixer.

1. The first step is to click on the sample or audio clip in the step sequencer. This will open up the channel settings window. In the channel settings window at the top right you will see a double dash “- -” with FX written beneath it.

2. Click and hold your mouse button on the FX selector button. Keep holding your mouse and now move your mouse towards the top of the screen. You will see the numbers start at 1 and go right up to 64. These numbers are used to select the FX channel from 1 to 64. The master FX channel is selected when the double dash “- -” is visable. Every sample will pass through the master FX channel as default. For this example choose the FX channel 1 for you sample or vocal.

Now double click on the number 1 to open up the mixer window.

3. The mixer window should now be showing effects channel number 1. Click on FX slot 1 and go to select to open up an effects plugin. FL Studio has heaps of great FX plugins that come packaged when you buy the program.

You can also add effects in FL Studio in the form of VST’s,

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