How to Enable Legacy Pattern Blocks in FL Studio

You may have noticed that the newer versions of FL Studio have gotten rid of the legacy Pattern Blocks in FL Studio from the View Playlist. If you are an old FLooper like myself then you will find it almost impossible to make a song without the old Pattern Blocks. Also when you open a tune from years ago it wont show anything in the view window. Confusing hey!

pattern blocks

To enable pattern blocks simply go into Options and then General Settings. Near the bottom of the general setting window click on a button to Enable Legacy Pattern Blocks in FL Studio. It will pop up with a window saying “Pattern Insances (Blocks) have become obsolete and will not appear in future version of FL Studio.

If you watch the video above it will also show you how to get your music from the Step Sequencer into the Playlist without even using pattern blocks. Personally I still like to use Pattern Blocks because I can make lots of different patterns in the blocks section and then put only the ones I want into the Step Sequencer meaning that the Step Sequencer stays nice a clean and I don’t have to scroll up and down all the time. Please Image-Line, don’t make Pattern Blocks in FL Studio obsolete even if I am the only one who uses them!

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