import samples into FL Studio

How to import samples into FL Studio

This quick tutorial will explain how to import samples into FL Studio. Importing sounds, samples and drums into FL Studio can be done very easily. It is also good practice to keep all of your sounds in folders within one single folder. For example C:\Sounds, C:\Sounds\Kicks, C:\Sounds\Snares and so on.

Follow these steps to import your sounds into FL Studio;

With FL Studio open, click “Options” in the upper menu, then click “File Settings

At this point, you should see a window that looks similar to this (click to enlarge)

FL Studio import

Notice the red circle around the list of folder icons, you will need to click on one of those to choose one or more of the folders containing your sounds that you want to import. Once you have located the folder with all of your sounds or samples in the file browser that pops up, press “Okay” and all of your sounds will now show up FL Studio with all of your other sounds and drums, just look for the name of the folder you selected in the settings!

That’s it, you’re done!