How To Make A Legowelt Track

Legowelt has been putting other house and techno producers to shame since the the 1990s. The Dutch artist releases music at a rate of knots – there’s been at least nine albums under the Legowelt name alone now, and he has over 30 different aliases, all of which interact in weird, wonderful ways. His music has appeared on labels as disparate as Unknown to the Unknown and Cocoon, and he’s got a reputation as a real studio wizard – not only due to the hardware in the studio, but the sample packs and plugins that he gives out for free online. On top of that, he’s about as unpretentious as it’s possible to get.

In this video, FACT TV gets to watch Legowelt make a track from scratch, using a combination of his own patches and sample packs, a tape player and more. It’s no surprise that he makes it look easy, is it?

If you dig his setup, then check out his sample packs of his MonoPoly, Yamaha DX and Roland JV 2080 samples

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